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The steeple of a church, peaceful streets lined with plane trees and charming houses, a few fields... At the doorway to Paris, about 20km from Notre Dame Cathedral, Roissy-en-France offers the calm and green spaces of a typical Ile-de-France village. In the heart of fertile plains surrounding the capital, the town remained unknown to the general public until the 1970s – rising out of obscurity when its land was commissioned to serve as home to what would become the country’s largest airport. Today, nearly 70 million travellers – a number greater than the entire French population – pass through Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle each year. The creation of this site changed the destiny of this rural village, suddenly propelled to the ranks of an international hub. Its trajectory is now inextricably tied to the evolution of the airport, which has continued to grow in importance over the years.

More than just a transportation hub, the airport now aspires to become a nucleus for cultural and leisure activities. Arising from this ambition, the Espace Musées exhibits selected works from partner museums in Paris. From sculptures by Rodin to the Pompidou Centre’s modern art, this remarkably transformed space offers a taste of the treasures that await visitors on their way to Paris. The Aéroville shopping centre, designed by Saguez & Partners, stands out for the aesthetics of its architecture, which is characterised by fluid lines and natural light. Like the Espace Musées, it attests to Roissy’s metamorphosis into a venue that seduces travellers and Parisians alike.

Over 150 shops and supermarkets, a multiplex cinema and a wide range of restaurants await you in this authentic and accessible small town. Aficionados of regional finds should head to the centre of Roissy, where a lively market pops up at Place du Pays de France every Saturday. On weekdays, neighbourhood stores that line the village’s charming streets offer shoppers a warm welcome. On the way to buying groceries or a fresh baguette, why not stop at Saint Éloi Church? This 16th-century gem evokes the long history of Roissy-en-France, as evidenced by the remains of the Caramans Castle nestled amongst the greenery of the Town Hall's extensive gardens. In the nearby town of Louvres, the Archéa Museum invites a deeper appreciation of local history via the archaeological discoveries emerging from surrounding excavation sites, like the old castle of Roissy. Closer to home, contemporary works spread across the town centre are inspired by the landing gear of the iconic Concorde, visible near the Orangerie cultural centre. This gift, from Air France to Roissy, pays tribute to the town’s role in the country’s aeronautical venture.

But Roissy-en-France’s natural environment is also alluring. Despite the presence of airport, road and hotel infrastructures, despite the influx of new residents attracted by its dynamism and lifestyle, the village retains its rural charms. A few kilometres to the north, the Oise Pays de France Regional Nature Park invites locals and globetrotters alike to hike its woods and visit its castles, including the famous Château de Chantilly. Further east, Parc Astérix will delight fans of the intrepid Gaul. In Roissy itself, the green valley is ideal for jogging and walks in the great outdoors. This lush setting on the village’s doorstep also offers several wellness circuits, all near the establishments that form the second largest hospitality hub in Île-de-France after Paris. Visitors staying here will find a great diversity of cafes, bars and restaurants. Make no mistake: like its airport, the village of Roissy is no longer just a transit point, but a destination in its own right.
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