Morocco conjures up images of sumptuous gardens, colourful souks selling exotic spices and mashrabiyas decorating stunning religious buildings. The enchanting kingdom comes alive to the rhythm of the Medina and its typical way of life with its mysterious alleyways and humble, welcoming locals.
Moroccan cities each have their own different identity, but they are all completely irresistible in their own way. The charming city of Marrakech is the most popular of them all. But Casablanca, literally, the “white house”, the cultural and spiritual Fez, forward-thinking Tangier, Essaouira, the old Eldorado for the hippie community, not forgetting Agadir or Rabat: they are all real gems with their own unique charm. As soon as the urban landscape starts to fade into the distance, nature re-establishes its rightful place. Coasts, valleys, fertile plains, deserts, wadis and oases form a stunning kaleidoscope of mysterious diversity. Its mountains, sometimes topped by the odd snowflake or two, are the perfect place to enjoy a sporting adventure. Across Morocco, fans of the great outdoors also get the chance to play some golf, go for a run along the coast, go climbing or set off on a hike, in a wide range of idyllic destinations. Morocco is a country that is always looking towards the future, but without letting go of its secular charms, imbued with a moderate spirituality. Its unique atmosphere is enchanting citizens of the world more than ever before. The vastness of the desert, the beauty of the sunsets, the generous cuisine, the fragrances of spices and the richness of the Berber culture: Morocco invites you on a journey to discover your senses and your soul.
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