Berlin, the country’s alternative, trendy capital, is the ultimate showcase for Germany. This cosmopolitan city is the symbol of the reunification of East and West and has become the home of many a European artist, who have given it a unique sense of freedom and creative energy. At the bottom of the Fernsehturm, in the designer boutiques, alternative creative venues, electro clubs and exotic restaurants, the spirit of Berlin is alive and well in all its improvised joy and uninhibited glory.
However, this vast country right in the heart of Europe is much more than its iconic capital or its economic power. Visitors may be less familiar with its eclectic mix of towns and villages. The ultra-European and romantic Munich is packed with theatres. Further west, Cologne boasts its amazing cathedral, the most visited monument in the country, as well as a renowned carnival. Its neighbour, Düsseldorf, is Germany’s capital of style. In the north, Bremen adds a touch of sophistication and innovation to German cuisine, which is all too often reduced to cooked meats. It’s also worth visiting the Gothic-Renaissance Heidelberg Castle, the old medieval city of Lübeck, the heart of the port and the canals of Hamburg, or the banks of the Elbe, in Dresden. Between these urban gems, there is a whole kaleidoscope of beautiful landscapes. The lush green Rhine Valley, the mountain range of Harz in Lower Saxony, the Frisian Islands, bathing in the chilly waters of the North Sea, the lakes formed in the craters of the Eifel, the rocky Bavarian Alps and the Black Forest are just some of the natural treasures that provide a great setting for some sporting activities or a Nordic bath. Germany is without a doubt full of surprises.
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