The Great Barrier Reef, surfers, canyons, kangaroos and the Outback are only a few of the clichés that come to mind when you think of Australia. Yet beyond these fantasies, the largest country in the Southern hemisphere is even more exciting.
Australia is both the biggest island in the world and the smallest continent. Surrounded by oceans and blessed with a unique culture, modern Australia is incredibly multicultural. Canberra, the capital, is situated in the south of Sydney in the ancestral land of the indigenous Ngunnawal people. Enjoying unbelievable geographical diversity, Australia boasts the most idyllic, but also the most exotic landscapes. The mythical Ayers Rock, also known by its aboriginal name, Uluru, is a staggeringly beautiful site. From its 348 metre peak, this sacred monument, a UNESCO World Heritage site, encourages both humility and contemplation. Both on land and sea, Australia’s fauna is also impressive, offering opportunities for all sorts of exciting activities. For city slickers, the metropolises of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are only some of the country’s must-see destinations. The vibrancy that reigns here, combined with the incredibly high quality of life, make this country all the more attractive. Sydney is known for its magnificent harbour, and it’s the oldest city in Australia, as well as having the largest population. It pulls off a successful blend of modernity and ancient heritage. Melbourne and Brisbane also stand out for their great lifestyle and wealth of attractions to discover.
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