The United Kingdom

The Union Jack unites England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The United Kingdom is the sum of these four different jewels. The largest of these, England, is home to two of the best universities in the world, Oxford and Cambridge, as well as the busiest cities: London, the capital, Manchester and Liverpool, in the northwest, the home of the Beatles. The world’s leading financial market, London is also packed with culture and tourist attractions, epitomising the concept of “work hard, play hard”.
As Churchill once said, “In England, everything is permitted except what is forbidden.” Behind the outward appearance of what seems to be “appropriate”, England has a knack of being able to nurture creative talents. In terms of fashion, eccentrics such as Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, or the more demure Paul Smith and Stella McCartney, are excellent examples. When it comes to food, chefs Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal add their own brand of character to the plate. In terms of art, the Brighton Festival brightens up the streets and beaches of the popular south-coast seaside resort of Brighton every May.   The Kingdom’s second biggest nation, Scotland, is proud of its wild, well-preserved image. It’s the perfect destination for adventures in the great outdoors. Wales and Northern Ireland are just as inspiring. The beauty of their landscapes gives these two regions real character and integrity. These four faces of the United Kingdom create an identity unlike anywhere else on the planet. A subtle blend of tradition and modernity, of conformism and anti-convention, fulfilling all aspirations. Whether you’re looking for the unique atmosphere of a pub, or the ceremonial delicacy of afternoon tea; whether you’re passionate about festivals, the roots of England’s legendary rock scene, or the countless castles and medieval sites like Stonehenge, there is bound to be a United Kingdom to suit you.
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