The United States

With 50 states and a land mass of 10 million kilometres squared, the United States of America is a giant continent. A land of immigrants for centuries now, epitomised by Ellis Island for generations of adventurers, this rainbow nation is a spectacular patchwork of Irish, Italian, African, Asian and British influences. To name but a few! Under the Star-Spangled Banner, flying patriotically outside many a home, anything seems possible. Not least, the American Dream. Entrepreneurs to their very core, Americans are eternal optimists and cultivate the art of excess and success, from Hollywood to Silicon Valley. Skyscrapers in every city seem to be reaching for the stars.
These slender towers of concrete, steel and glass are one of the few things that American cities have in common, separated by miles and miles (and miles). Washington, the home of the White House, is a totally different proposition from New Orleans, the city of jazz… The hippie freedom of San Francisco contrasts with the bling of Las Vegas, a city surrounded by desert. Which in turn has very little in common with the cultivated laid-back feel of Los Angeles, nestling in the shadows of the most cinematographic hills on the planet. And what links Miami, a Hispanic melting pot, Chicago and its omnipresent architecture, Boston, the birthplace of the Kennedys, and Dallas, Texas? New York, a whole world in its own right and the beating heart of America, sums up these paradoxes to perfection. Between these fascinating cities, vast expanses of wilderness share their wonders. Either side of the legendary Route 66, lost in the midst of Black Rock Desert at Burning Man, embracing the Grand Canyon, surfing the waves in Hawaii, sheltering in the shadows of a snow-covered forest in Colorado: untamed stretches of the great outdoors, as old as the world itself, are everywhere you look, with a thousand and one different aspects to explore.
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