Fascinating and enigmatic, Malaysia is a land of many different faces. At first glance, it is an exotic, disconcerting country for travellers. The jungle stretches over more than half the land and is home to a lush and diverse population of ancient trees and unique animal species. With its well-preserved environment, Malaysia is a land of adventure and heaven for nature lovers. Paradoxically, it is also an ultra-modern, vibrant destination, as is its cosmopolitan capital.
Kuala Lumpur is the economic and cultural heart of the country, as well as the epitome of its rapid growth. The intense urbanisation of this bustling metropolis has managed to spare the ancient Buddhist temples. In all their finery, they are still standing, now in the shadow of skyscrapers that have sprung up in just a few years. Like the old traditional neighbourhoods, they have been meticulously preserved. While new cities like Putrajaya, the lush green administrative capital, and Cyberjaya, Malaysia’s answer to Silicon Valley, have risen up on the peninsula, the country has managed to hold on to all its authentic charm. It is a fabulous ethnic melting pot, at the crossroads of Asia and the Muslim world. This richness is summed up by the incredible diversity of Malaysian cuisine. The third notable aspect of this particular destination is its idyllic, picture postcard beaches. Malaysia has plenty of divine islands with crystal clear water and quiet coves where you can relax between a diving or snorkelling adventure. Borneo, Tioman and the Langkawi archipelago are legendary. These lush green and peaceful havens are filled with primary forests inhabited by orang-utans, limestone cliffs, colonial towns and emerald green rivers lined with tribal huts. All of these different elements combine to offer a multitude of different experiences in Kuala Lumpur.
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