Between Japan, China and Russia, Korea rises up like a vast kaleidoscope. On the one hand, there’s K-pop and urban “Gangnam Style”, with its avant-garde, shimmering style. On the other, the “Land of the Morning Calm”, with its thousands of hills, islands and waterfalls, a country of mystery and impetuous nature.
Almost 70% of this Asian peninsula is made up of mountains, often covered with forests, studded with deep valleys. All of this is surrounded by wild, jagged coastlines, lapped by the Yellow Sea to the west and the Sea of Japan to the east. A stunning coastline, also home to idyllic beaches, like those found on Jejudo, the “island of the gods” to the south. South Korea is filled with spectacular landscapes, from the fields of ginseng in the center to the rocky mountains of the Taebaek Mountains in the northeast, via the volcanic scenery of the south. The whole country is a hymn to nature, like Seoraksan National Park in Gangwon Province, northwest of Seoul, the capital. Seoul, a city of contrasts, just like the rest of the country. Korea is a land of harmony, in which ultra-modern cities have managed to hold on to their fascinating cultural heritage. Seoul and Busan, a large port in the south, are both proud of their military past and are filled with palaces, temples and secret gardens. South Korea is still marked by its more recent history. The famous DMZ, created in 1953, a narrow no man’s land 4km wide and 250km long is an anachronistic scar of a conflict that separates North and South Korea.
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