If you’ve never set foot on Spanish soil, you might be forgiven for thinking that everything is about fiestas, flamenco and sun-drenched scenery... It is true that a uniquely Mediterranean passion for life courses through the Iberian Peninsula, but Spain is a land of a thousand faces, with plenty more to offer, whether its inhabitants speak with a Castilian, Basque or Catalan accent.
On the Costa Brava, in Andalusia or Galicia, the diversity of the different regional identities is only rivalled by their landscapes. Lined with a shoreline studded with famous seaside resorts, from Sitges to Marbella, and also Valencia, Spain also boasts a string of stunning islands, both in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Ibiza and Mallorca in the Balearics and Tenerife and Fuerteventura in the Canaries are among the main ones. Inland, you can find just as much beauty, with some exceptional natural landscapes. The Monte Perdido National Park in Huesca, or the Picos de Europa in Asturias offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy some fresh clean air, hiking or some caving. The capital, Madrid, is a city that never seems to sleep. Like Barcelona, it is incredibly cosmopolitan, vibrant and avant-garde. In the land of Don Quixote, Picasso, Dalí and Gaudí, the cities, from Bilbao to Seville, via Zaragoza and Grenada, are home to some cultural and architectural treasures. Jamón Ibérico Bellota Pata Negra and mouth-watering seafood introduce the visitor to a Spain that is as rich in heritage as it is in flavours. Viva España!
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