Southeast Asia’s flagship destination, Thailand is a fascinating country with a huge amount to offer. Ancestral culture, a sophisticated way of life and exotic landscapes: the former Kingdom of Siam is irresistible on many different levels.
The South of the country is enchanting, with its idyllic islands and white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and spectacular rocks. Ko Lanta, Ko Lipe, Ko Phi Phi – made famous by Danny Boyle’s film The Beach – provide the perfect setting for a relaxing break. Further East, Ko Tao, with its coral reef and breathtaking marine life is paradise for divers. The lesser known North is well worth exploring, with its Buddhist temples, ancient royal capitals, ethnic minorities, mountains and omnipresent primary forests. Chiang Mai, this part of Thailand’s iconic city, is the home of countless traditions, like Yi Peng and Loi Krathong, two enchanting festivals. Then there’s Bangkok, the capital. This ultra-modern, sprawling megacity is home to 10% of the country’s population. A cosmopolitan place, with Indian and Chinese neighbourhoods as well as amazing western shopping malls, Bangkok manages to combine ridiculous skyscrapers and ancient temples with their golden roofs, picturesque khlongs and flower markets. From the lush green paddy fields to Bangkok, from the islands to the mountains of the North, Thai people tend to have the same approach to hospitality, an integral aspect of an identity that has been honed over the centuries by art and Buddhism. Thailand has earned its nickname as the “Land of the Eternal Smile”. Last but not least, Thai food is well worth the journey in its own right. From trendy restaurants to floating markets, or a quick stop-off at a stall for some divine street food, its fragrances and flavours are bound to take you on a journey of adventure.
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