A pocket-sized country with 26 cantons (or small territories) spread over just 41,000km2, Switzerland is a rich and diverse destination with a great deal to offer. Right in the heart of Europe, it feeds off its proximity to bigger countries such as France, Italy and Germany, whose influences seep in to the country’s gastronomy and culture. Home to countless artists for many centuries – like Paul Klee, Vladimir Nabokov, Charlie Chaplin and Georges Simenon – Switzerland continues to nurture this heritage in its impressive museums and unmissable events, like Art Basel.
Switzerland has never let go of its reputation as being an intimate, chic refuge for beautiful people. In winter, they flock to the fancy ski resorts of the Alps. The slopes of St Moritz, Gstaad and Zermatt are packed with wooden chalets, luxury boutiques and gourmet restaurants. Switzerland’s big cities, such as Lausanne, Geneva, Zurich and Basel, cleverly cultivate their peaceful elegance. Even within these urban hubs, nature is everywhere you turn. Lake Geneva, the Rhine in Basel… they create a unique living environment for the Swiss, who soak up the benefits, from the spa resorts to the many open-air activities available. And there are plenty of the latter to choose from! Climbing, ice-skating, sledging, hiking, cycling and canoeing: take your pick of activities that introduce you to the beautiful panoramic views that Switzerland has to offer, summer and winter alike. Charming sweet chestnut forests in Malcantone, the impressive Gorges ravines of Trient, the flower-filled meadows and lakes of Grisons, the ice-cream makers and palm trees of Tessin, the snow-capped summits of the Alps… Switzerland is a mosaic of stunning landscapes, particularly well suited to relaxation and contemplation. Travel from St. Moritz to Zermatt on the Glacier Express, a train with panoramic coaches, for the complete Swiss experience.
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