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Nestled between the fish-laden waters of Tuggerah Lake and the rolling waves of the Pacific Ocean, Magenta is a small piece of paradise in Australia’s Central Coast region. The only things on the map are an exclusive 5-star golf resort and acres upon acres of luxuriant, unspoilt land belonging to the Wyrrabalong National Park. 

Many come to practise their swing on the unique fairways and hazards of the Magenta Shores Golf & Country Club, ranked among the best in the country. Top golf course architect Ross Watson took great pleasure in designing an undulating work of art that invites golfers to put their skills to the test in a setting like no other. Every dip, dune and bunker is man-made, carefully placed to enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings whilst providing golf enthusiasts with stimulating challenges. 

Nine holes face the ocean; nine more are set against the backdrop of lush rainforest. All eighteen are caressed by the sea breeze, turning every game at Magenta Shores into an invigorating outdoor experience that engages all the senses. Further revitalisation and pampering can be found at the luxury resort spa, while an outdoor lagoon pool invites guests for a leisurely swim under Australian skies. 

Where the golf course ends, the verdant rainforest and marshy wetlands take over. Wyrrabalong National Park protects the very last patch of coastal rainforest in the region so that visitors can continue to appreciate nature the way it was intended. Bushwalking trails with whimsical names lead explorers from one stunning setting to another. Coloured signposts guide hikers along clifftop paths with panoramic views, or through a magical Sydney red gum forest and across the wetlands bordering Tuggerah Lake.

Nature buffs are provided with a year-round spectacle of flora in the park. When winter turns to spring, the coastal track is carpeted with ground orchids and white flannel flowers. With tree trunks that change colours with the seasons, the red gum forest is enchanting at all times of year. Orange in summer, then a wintery pinkish grey, the native tree sprouts fluffy white blossoms in December. Birdwatchers should look out for old man banksia flowers, whose furry corn-on-the-cob centres attract a variety of insects and birds looking for their next meal.

Magenta has many surprises in store for wildlife lovers so it’s a good idea to take along a pair of binoculars and a good camera. Loggerhead turtles in the lake show themselves only to the lucky few, but eagles and kestrels can often be seen soaring in the sky above. Brown-striped frogs call out to each other all year long, while migratory whales are frequently spotted between May and August. The best place to go to see them is Crackneck Lookout. Picnic tables and a car park provide convenience during a stake-out, while the whales and the landscape provide entertainment for the whole family.

Adrenaline addicts also find their fair share of fun in and around Magenta. Loved by whale watchers, Crackneck Lookout is also a popular spot for hang-gliders, who can frequently be admired floating on the clifftop thermals. Far below, surfers ride the waves while intrepid divers explore the ocean’s depths. Families can head to Bateau Bay Beach for a sheltered swim or some shellfish picking. And those who like to catch their own dinner won’t be disappointed by Magenta’s water-bound location. From flathead fish and prawns in Tuggerah Lake to blackfish and bream at Pelican Point, the region is teaming with fishing opportunities. 

Nearby towns like The Entrance and Terrigal provide the possibility of some boutique therapy, great dining or a night out. But there’s no real need to leave Magenta as one of the best restaurants on the Central Coast, Barretts, is at the resort, along with a relaxing bar. Perfect for celebrating after a rewarding day of golfing and activities in and around town.
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