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The Netherlands are for 30% below sea level, although securely protected by dikes it lacks mountains, but that does not mean that there are no highlights. There is more to it than tulips, bicycles and cheese. The country is rich in its artistic masters, like, Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh. The landscape has a lot of variety and there are plenty of dynamic cities. The Dutch cuisine is characterized by tastes from all over the world, and so are the Dutch. Dutch people are used to international influences. They are open minded, yet individualistic, with a high can-do mentality.
Most of the largest cities of the country are clustered together in “De Randstad”. They are so close to each other, and the public transport is so very well organized, it may appear to some visitors that it is one large metropole. But there are in fact a lot of differences.

From the great artistic masterpieces in “Het Rijksmuseum” to the biggest dance event in the world (ADE), liberal and tolerant Amsterdam has got it all. Stroll along the historic canals and hop on a canal boat to do a tour. Don’t be surprised if no one watches you: the typical Amsterdam inhabitant has a live and let live mentality.

New hotspots keep popping up at Rotterdam. The second world war damage and the reconstruction has led to a big drive to innovate and to creative entrepreneurship. The city bursts of modern architecture and is also characterized by the international port. 

The Hague is the home of the parliament, it has buildings with great stature, it is the city of peace and justice. The beach is around the corner. Just one tram ride away, there is a whole different vibe at the vibrant beach clubs. 

Not clustered together with the others, there is Eindhoven in the south. Famous for Dutch Design Week. It is traditional but also ultra-modern. What started as a minor market town in the Middle Ages is now one of the largest and most innovative cities in the Netherlands. 

Although the country is quite densely populated, there is enough space for nature. The national park “De Hoge Veluwe” is a gorgeous nature reserve with heather and forest. The country amounts an endless number of rivers. The North Sea to the west, with its long sandy beaches and the dunes. Polders that once were water... 

Diversity is key. 

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