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The UK won’t wait. Lead the way and drive your change.

Always the pioneer, Pullman is fully contactless, fully spotless – and ready to go

Right. Time to unpack that can-do, game-changing attitude and get back out there. ‘Imagintravelling’ in your living room, G&Ting next to your airplane-washing machine and bath-tubbing in your snorkel was all great fun, but the real playground is open. #UPYOURGAME
Good things come to those who wait hustle, you know that. So we hustled good while you were WFH, we boosted our cleanliness procedures with revolutionized, reinforced ALLSAFE protocols. We’re now fully contactless, fully spotless, fully energized – and fully face-covered.
Pullman UK powers back into its role as a challenger of convention, a pioneer of being your best and getting things done, a champion of keeping your lifestyle on track. Because that’s how we roll.
In a space designed for the new entrepreneur to focus, work and play, you’ll find the perfect balance between your personal and professional self. Seize opportunities with other fast-paced, forward-thinking, open-minded paradigm changers. Embrace the excitement of this cultural transformation, together. And no, this isn’t a dream. / The vibrant UK is open. And so are we./ #UPYOURGAME

From 03/07/2020 until 30/09/2020

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General terms and conditions

No cancellation fees apply before 6 p.m. local time, up to 3 days before arrival. Beyond this period, the amount due is not refundable, even if the reservation is cancelled or modified. Offers subject to conditions and subject to availability of the hotel and the offer in the selected hotel. Stays must be booked five days in advance.