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Portraits - Aliza Jabès

The sophisticated Aliza Jabès is the woman behind the success-story of nuxe. Founder and ceo of the nature-oriented cosmetics french brand, she transformed what was originally, 20 years ago, a small parisian laboratory, into a worldwide empire with a green conscience.

Aliza Jabès

Aliza Jabès, you are CEO of Nuxe, a frequent-flyer, a glamourous Parisian... And therefore a woman of expertise! What is your specific beauty and health routine when travelling, on the plane and after landing?
First of all, I always choose comfortable clothes, such as sneakers and jeans. No stilettos on board!
As soon as I’m on the plane, I set my watch to the local time on arrival. I like to be immediately in full immersion. I tie back my long hair with an elastic band. I always have a 30ml tube of cream to moisturize my face and hands, to prevent the drying effect of air conditioning. I lather my hands with cream every two hours.
During the flight, I drink water to hydrate, but not too much, because it can make you swell. And I have a light meal, but also bring dried fruits with me.
Before landing, I put a drop of Prodigieux® eye-contour under my eyes. Its decongestioning effect is great for puffy eyes. I also massage my legs to boost the micro-circulation.

And arriving at destination?
First thing I do when I get to the hotel is take a long, hot shower. It relaxes my body and mind. Also, after a long flight, there is nothing better than an ayurvedic massage, and then, straight to bed : your best bet for a perfect night of sleep.
On my first day after arrival, I’m in "slow mode". On the second day, I go for a jog to pump up energy back. Jogging is the easiest sport to practice when you travel: a pair of sports shoes, a light outfit, and off you go! And it gets you to discover each new place in an original and fantastic way!

Aliza Jabès

What is the beauty product you never travel without?
Our star product: the Huile Prodigieuse®, my all in one quick-fix beauty saver, that sublimates face, body and hair in one single gesture. This is the one I would bring on a desert island!

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